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I have been on a fabulous journey of discovery over the last 2 years. This journey has taken me to places I previously believed were out of my reach, and it has enabled me to experience the beautiful feelings of self love, total worth and inner peace that I searched for my whole life.  

Having reached this new, happier, healthier, wiser and more fulfilled place, I used my own life experience to develop and share tools and strategies that will empower you to do the same.  This community exists so I can share all I have learned and experienced with you, so you too make the change needed for you to live your best life. 



change begin?

In 2018, I turned 50.  I was working in a senior role in the Corporate world of banking, for which I was rewarded with a very decent salary.  I had recently moved to my beautiful home by the sea with my Wife Trish, and my teenage son Miles. I had the dream life.  All was as it should be.  Except it wasn’t.  The reality was I was suffering.  I was suffering from physical and mental pain.  I was off long term sick from work and I was undergoing many tests at the hospital to find the cause of my suffering. 

When the results from the tests came back, the diagnosis was “I had a clean bill of health”.What?? I was left feeling even more miserable.  I felt hopeless. If I had nothing wrong, then how could it be fixed?

A different approach

All my life I have turned to the traditional means of medicine to cure my problems.  Looking back, I had many, and I had spent many many hours in my doctors surgery or in the consultants room. On this occasion I was told there was no more that could be done to help me.   I had to do something!  And so began my journey on a new path.   I started to research alternative ways to help myself to feel better.  Alternative ways to:

- lose weight
- reduce and eliminate pain
- sleep better
- increase my energy
- feel happier
- improve my mood
- have clarity of mind
- manage my emotions
- love myself and to love life! 

What I discovered was truly life changing.

The new & improved me

As I discovered, I experimented and I documented the results.   I changed what I put in my body and mind, and my body and mind changed right back! I changed.  It was gradual, it was conscious, it was liberating.The result is the Emma you see today. At 52 I am full of energy, I have no pain, no bloating, no anxiety, no palpitations, no lethargy, no brain fog, no self loathing, no feeling of despair. Instead I have gained so much.   I have gained a healthy body weight, which I maintain without dieting and over exercising. 

I have gained a love of myself and the life I live.  I have gained an understanding, that I get what I create.  We all do. I have gained the knowledge of how to be happy and healthy and how to take the action I need to, to continually grow towards the life I want, the life i deserve, so that I can truly glow.


was born

My research, my experience and my experimentation and my work with my members and clients have all led me to create my Know, Grow and Glow with Emma change programme. The Know, Grow and Glow programme of change uses a 3 step approach: 

Know - “to have knowledge, understanding and information” Knowing where you want to be and what is stopping you from getting there, is the first stage of your Know, Grow and Glow transformation.  This is where you explore the power of your mind.

Grow - “to come into being and develop” Growing comes from change.  Change comes from action.  The grow stage helps you find the motivation you need to keep working when the going gets tough.

Glow “A warm feeling, as of pleasure or wellbeing” Glowing comes when change happens.  The Glow stage gives you access to Emma’s proven life changing tools and methods so you make real, lasting change for good.


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